About us

L-system has many years of experience in selling mechanical and automation products to the European market.

L-System is partner to both Bosch Rexroth and Parker Hannifin, L-System also markets other brands as Aventics (Pneumatics), Afag (Vibration Technology), Dorner Conveyor and Fiam.

L-Systems’ market concept is to market quality products at the lowest price, while also supporting customers in the best possible way, with fast delivery time, service and a high technical knowledge.

L-System has more than 150 years of experience in our business areas.

L-System is not just an e-shop, L-System has worked with the products in the European market since 1974.

L-system has Northern Europe’s largest stock on Bosch Rexroth- linear guides and profile system.

L-System have a large stock of Parker Hannifin- and Aventics pneumatic programs.

L-systems also have stock of Legris- and Transair products from Parker Hannifin.

L-System markets all the above-mentioned brands and has a good pricing, if any product is missing in e-shop, contact us by mail, and we will send you an quote as soon as possible.
New for L-System is profile system S2, it is a variant of the i-profile system.

S2 profile system is of high quality and the pricing is good compared to other i-variant profile system.

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