General Terms and Conditions for L-System

General Terms and Conditions for L-System

General Terms and Conditions for L-System
Sales are only made to companies that has a valid VAT number.


Prices in the website are in Euro excluding VAT.


When paying by credit card, the buyer should be aware of the credit card company often reserves the current amount in the account, which affects the remaining credit on the card.
Even if the buyer changes the order, L-System cannot cancel the booked / reserved amount, since cancellation takes place automatically after 7-14 days.

L-System always sends out an invoice by e-mail after the goods are sent.

If payment is made by card, the order has already been paid and the buyer does not have to do anything more.

Delivery terms

Prices for shipping is only calculated for shipment in the EU, delivery outside of the EU must be confirmed by L-System. L-System must also do another price calculating for the freight and custom fees etc.

If standard orders arrive before 2 pm, we will ship them on the same day.

Delivery takes place via freight forwarding Schenker.

L-System delivers DAP according to Incoterms 2010.


Complaints must be made in writing no later than 5 days after delivery received by the buyer.

Requirements regarding defects or deficiencies can under no circumstances be made later than 12 months after delivery of the goods.

Complaints must be made in writing and contain a detailed description of the missing item or the current error.

L-System is responsible for errors and deficiencies and the amount cannot in any case exceed the invoice amount for the product in question.

Policy of return

If the buyer for some reason is not satisfied with the product delivered, the goods can be returned to L-system under the following conditions:

  • The product is original and in unbroken packaging.
  • The product is in original condition and has not been used.
  • Only products in stock marked green 1-2 days delivery time.
  • Cutted or processed products cannot be returned.
  • The return is made on the buyer’s own expense.
  • L-system repays 70% of the product’s value excluding shipping plus any other fees.
  • Return request must be made in writing to L-system.
  • Return requests must be submitted to the L-system within 5 days of delivery received by the customer.

If any of the above options are not met, L-Systems can always decline the request for return.

Force majeure

L-system is not responsible for events that are beyond our control such as different types of disasters, decisions made by authorities or other events that cannot reasonably be foreseen.
In such cases, they must be assigned to Force Majeure, which means that we are exempted from the obligation to fulfill the agreements
It is the responsibility of the party who wishes to invoke the grounds for exemption to notify the other party in writing without delay of its occurrence, as well as its termination.
L-systems cannot be held responsible for any delay or lack of agreement fulfillment if this is due to deliveries from subcontractors.

Product Liability

L-system is responsible for damage to the delivered product only when this is explicitly stipulated in the Swedish Product Responsibility Act (1992: 18).

L-system and buyers are jointly responsible for allowing any disputes to be settled at a Swedish court or arbitration court in Sweden, headquarters Helsingborg, who deals with claims for damages that are raised against one of the parties because of damage or loss, which is alleged to have been caused by a product delivered by the L-system.

Limitation of Liability

L-system is not responsible for deviations regarding use or appearance in relation to product and catalog specifications, since these specifications are only indicative.
L-system takes no responsibility for how the buyer uses the purchased products.

In the case of claims against L-systems, the amount cannot exceed the invoice amount on the product in question.

L-system is not responsible for operational interruption, loss of profit or other indirect damage to the buyer.

Reservations for errors etc. in catalogs etc. 

L-system is not responsible for errors, including printing errors, and omissions information on the website, in L-system’s catalogs and price lists, and L-systems reserve the right to change these documents.


Otherwise, General Delivery Terms NL 09 applies. These terms apply to Swedish law.

Free shipping

Free shipping when buying for over 100€. Enter the coupon "L-System" in the checkout page. Only works for products under 1 meter length.

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